DC Comics Developing Legion of Super-Heroes TV Show for HBO Max

HBO Max is developing a Legion of Super-Heroes adult-animated series, with comic book creator Brian Michael Bendis part of the creative team. The prolific writer announced the news in his latest newsletter, where he also gave some details on how the series came into existence. Bendis previously wrote the latest volume of Legion of Super-Heroes, and the DC superhero team from the future will soon take part in a crossover with the Justice League in 2022, written by Bendis and illustrated by Scott Godlewski. The writer also pens Justice League, though he will be departing the book in March.

After talking up HBO Max's animated adaptation of his and artist David Mack's Dark Horse Comics title Cover, Bendis said the streaming service came back to him asking what other DC properties did he think would make for an interesting show. Of course, being a huge Legion of Super-Heroes fan, Bendis enthusiastically suggested the team, and HBO Max took him up on the offer. 

"HBO Max has put me to work on a LEGION OF SUPERHEROES TV SHOW," Bendis revealed. "At the moment it is being developed as an adult animated show.  Can you tell I am jumping up and down about this? I've been working on it for a while and last week I was sent to the next phase."

Bendis also revealed that the adult animated series will be an adaption of DC's latest Legion of Super-Heroes comic by Bendis and artist Ryan Sook. "And just like that series, on sale now, it will harken back to so many classics while at the same time doing what Legion does: pushing all the ideas of superheroes forward in every direction," he said. "I think Legion of superheroes is among the greatest franchises in the history of comics and I'm as honored to be curating them as I was Spider-Man."

He later warned that animation takes a long time to produce, so new information on the animated show will take a while to be announced.

A Legion of Super Heroes animated series aired two seasons back in 2006, following the adventures of a young Superman in the 31st century. The DC comic by Bendis and Sook flipped the script by placing Superman's son, Jon Kent, as a member of the team in the future, thanks to some time travel. Since the HBO Max series is an adaptation of that very same comic, then we can assume Jon Kent Superboy will be one of the main stars. Members of the Legion have also appeared on the live-action CW series Supergirl, and in this season's Young Justice: Phantoms.

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