DC Teases New Justice League Roster

Between the conclusion of Dark Nights: Death Metal and the start of Future State, DC fans have a [...]

Between the conclusion of Dark Nights: Death Metal and the start of Future State, DC fans have a lot of major content to look forward to in the weeks ahead. Beyond that, the publisher has begun to reveal details surrounding its post-Future State slate, with new titles and creative teams being announced essentially daily. While fans still have to wait and see exactly what the future holds, a few new posts from writer Brian Michael Bendis have shed an interesting light on the future of the Justice League. On Wednesday, Bendis posted a teaser image of the team in silhouette, teasing that fans should "stay tuned".

The following day, Bendis shared an "Infinite" variant cover for Justice League #59, which would be the series' first issue following the events of Future State. As Bendis' posts seem to hint, he will be joined on the series by artist David Marquez and colorist Tamra Bonvillain.

The new League roster has an interesting mix of heroes -- a handful of heroes that have already been associated with the team, like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl, and some unexpected choices as well. Black Canary and Green Arrow - who were mainstays of the League in the Silver and Bronze Age, but haven't been associated with the team lately - make an appearance, as well as Black Adam and Hippolyta. There's also Naomi, an original character co-created by Bendis, who fans have been eager to see more of since the debut of her first comic miniseries.

This roster definitely provides one of the biggest shakeups the team has had in recent memory, expanding the breadth of heroes who have been traditionally associated with the team. While it's unclear exactly how long this iteration of the League will stick around for - or what threats they'll face off against - it's definitely an intriguing roster.

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