A DC Hero Decides to Give Up Their Powers

Spoilers for The Flash #768 below! As DC Comics readers will recall from Infinite Frontier #0, a new status quo was set for one of the major heroes of the DCU as Barry Allen passed on the mantle of The Flash to Wally West full time. Barry revealed in that issue that he would be focusing most of his energy at the House of Heroes, home of Justice Incarnate aka the superhero group composed of members from across the multiverse (as formed in The Multiversity). Wally accepted the role in that comic and solicitations seemed to imply that Wallt very much would be the Fastest Man Alive in the solo comic series, which made it all the more shocking as the opening pages of The Flash #768 had him give up his powers entirely.

Yup, just as he was invited into the Justice League, Wally has decided that life is too good for himself and his family. So not only does he not want to be The Flash going forward, he doesn't even want his powers anymore. To sever his connection with the Speed Force both Wally and Barry run as fast as possible but before they can go through with it a mysterious wave flies at them, cutting off Barry from the Speed Force and leaving Wally's costume as limp as a pasta noodle and his body nowhere in sight.

It's revealed that not only was Barry cut off from the Speed Force but so were fellow Flashes Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, and Wallace West. The good news is that Wallace is still alive, the bad news is that he's stuck in a different time period and not in his own body, and ultimate irony is that he still has his powers. Now the journey will be trying to get him back into his own time period and body, while also getting the other Flashes their powers back.

You can find the full solicitation and cover for the next issue below!

(Photo: DC COMICS)

The Flash #769
written by JEREMY ADAMS
card stock variant cover by ZI XU
ON SALE 4/20/21
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC
After an accident pushes Wally West into the time stream, the former Kid Flash lands in the body of his onetime partner, Impulse. Now sprinting through the 30th century side by side with the mysterious (and, yeah, ridiculous) Gold Beetle, Wally must uncover what's causing the destructive explosions that keep propelling him through time and the bodies of other speedsters.