DC Rumored to Focus on Standalone Films Over Crossovers in Future

To this point, the universe based on DC Comics, formerly (?) known as the DCEU, has had a bit of a [...]

To this point, the universe based on DC Comics, formerly (?) known as the DCEU, has had a bit of a rough time getting started. The Zack Snyder-led project was a decent box office supporter for a spell, but critics tore most of the movies apart, and the DCEU sort of fizzled out with Justice League. Wonder Woman remains the only film from the connected universe considered a major success.

This tough run has put a giant question mark on the future of DC films, but a new rumor suggests that going forward, Warner Bros. and DC will focus on standalone movies, and not worry as much about connecting everything together.

Daniel R, the Twitter user who has a knack for sharing solid DC movie news, spilled a new take this week.

"The future is Stand-Alone, with very few crossovers," Daniel tweeted. "Probably for the best. I trust Jenkins, Wan, Reeves and Sandberg to deliver their own great stand-alone Superhero films. Then someday down the road they'll crossover again (and this time they'll make it work)"

Of course, the four names Daniel mentioned in the post are referring to directors Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), James Wan (Aquaman), Matt Reeves (The Batman), and David Sandberg (Shazam!).

While DC has mentioned several movies that are in some stage of development, only three have actually gone fully into production: Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984. All three of these films have a lot of buzz surrounding them, they all seem to be sure things in terms of reception, and all of them are following a director's creative vision, rather than worrying about how it fits into a bigger universe.

This puts a halt on any potential Justice League sequels, but that does make sense at this point. With Ben Affleck's future as Batman in jeopardy, another big team-up movie doesn't seem likely.

What do you think of this new, rumored direction for DC films? What other characters do you think will get solo movies next? Let us know in the comments!