DC's Stargirl Showrunner Talks Setting a Scary Tone in Season 2 Premiere

The Season 1 finale of DC's Stargirl gave fans a taste of what was to come in the series' second [...]

The Season 1 finale of DC's Stargirl gave fans a taste of what was to come in the series' second season and while the young Justice Society of America was triumphant against the Injustice Society, there was a darkness lurking. The finale revealed Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) seeking out Eclipso, one of DC's most terrifying villains, suggesting that the tone for Season 2 would be much darker than the first. And according to series creator Geoff Johns, Season 2 will set that dark tone straight away with a very dark opening scene in the season premiere.

During a press event attended by ComicBook.com, Johns didn't give anything away about the season's opening scene (participants were provided with screeners ahead of the event) but made it clear that the frightening moment was intended to make sure it was clear that the second season of The CW series was going to get scary.

"That first scene was purposely at the top and mysterious and both specific and vague at the same time because I wanted everyone to know there's a tonal shift this season," Johns said. "And so right away you get that tonal shift and it is scary and it is dark, but it was important to have that upfront and then right away we go to like, summertime blues and the kids patrolling at night and there's nothing going on. And they're all arguing about whether they should keep doing it. And there's a lot of humor and fun afterward. But it was important, I thought, just to set the tone of the season right away, let you know that we're going to get scary this season."

He continued, "And as for Eclipso, you'll see him in the flesh. You'll see him a little deeper into the season. You will see Nick Tarabay in his horrifying makeup. We wanted to build that moment so that when he finally does set foot in Blue Valley for real and you see him manifest, it felt deserved. It felt scary and it felt like everything had changed. And I think when people see that episode, hopefully, they'll be both happy and scared when they watch it."

Series star Joy Osmanski, who plays Paula Brooks/Tigress, has previously stressed that the second season delivers on the terror, so much so that her own children will not be watching.

"Season two, it just gets a lot darker, which is such a fun thing for a show to have an opportunity to do, and I will say that the evil forces at work are genuinely scary, like, my children will not be coming anywhere near season two. It's scary," Osmanski told Orlando's WESH 2.

The first season of DC's Stargirl is now streaming on HBO Max. Season two will debut on The CW on Tuesday, August 10 at 8/7c.

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