DC Studios Already Has DCU's First Two Chapters Planned

DC Studios has revealed the TV and movie slate for the first half of DC Universe Chapter 1 – but that reveal only represents a small fraction of what they have planned. During the press event for the first DC Studios Reveal, DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran let it be known that currently they have an 8-to-10-year plan for the DCU sketched out, which will cover about two "Chapters" of the franchise saga. 

When one member of the press asked, "with the eight to 10 year plan, do you envision it being three chapters? Is it two chapters?" James Gunn had the following answer to give: 

"We already know. The eight to 10 year plan is two chapters and there's an ending to our basic story that we tell there, but it's not the ending of the universe. So now, will Peter and I be here beyond that time?"

(Photo: DC Comics)

At the time that Gunn is laying the future of the DC Universe, his contract with DC Studios is a four-year contract. He could, technically, be out the door before DCU Chapter 2 is even fully in swing. But would Gunn and/or Safran want to miss out on seeing what they built realized on the big and small screens? Surprisingly enough, the answer was split between the two:

Peter Safran said "For sure," he would love to be with the DC franchise longer than his current contracted term; James Gunn, however, had to admit (jokingly or not so much...) "I'm already tired. I'm already tired. It's been two months. But there is those first two chapters are worked out and then it can keep going after that."

While James Gunn and Peter Safran are the co-heads of DC Studios, Gunn has been the main person out on the offensive(?), answering fan inquiries about DC Studios and the DCU plans, prior to the official announcement today. That has naturally made Gunn the biggest target of fan anger – both as the person in charge of the DCU's future, and as a filmmaker whose work can also be criticized. Even if he's speaking at least partly in jest, it's not hard to imagine that James Gunn is already tired of the toxic side of the DC fandom coming at him; in truth, he's been dealing with it ever directing DC's The Suicide Squad, which was released in 2021 and caused tension with Zack Snyder fans. 

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