DC vs. Marvel Comic Puts Batman and Wolverine in Explosive Showdown

One artists’ DC vs. Marvel comic put Batman and Wolverine face to face in an explosive showdown. [...]

One artists' DC vs. Marvel comic put Batman and Wolverine face to face in an explosive showdown. Stephen Byrne has been making this comic for a little while during quarantine and fans have been having a hoot with his interpretation of what would happen if these titans of the medium faced off. This particular page shows The Dark Knight with his hands full against Logan. The adamantium-clawed warrior literally rips the cockpit roof off of the Batmobile. Batman wasn't exactly expecting that but decides to sacrifice his ride to get rid of the threat. The facial expression from The Caped Crusader after that fails to take out Wolverine is absolutely money. The X-Man has that notorious healing factor, and the panel looks like something out of The Terminator.

Byrne has been on a tear lately with these pages. Social media has been eating it up too with many people starting to toss in their requests. He's featured Wonder Woman and Thor squaring off recently, and the web couldn't get enough of that. When the first panel of Wolvie taking the Batmobile apart surfaced on Byrne's Twitter, fans understandably began losing their minds. It's about as close as we're going to get to another round of Amalgam Comics. (Maybe all those artists from both DC and Marvel angling for that Secret Crisis crossover event will get their wish?) For a refresher on 1996 DC vs. Marvel Comics, check out what Comicbook.com's Spencer Perry had to say:

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Perry began, "Marvel vs DC has long been a fan-favorite idea but it's only been pursued by the publishing companies twice in the past. The 1996 DC vs. Marvel Comics written by Peter David and Ron Marz with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini was the first, featuring match-ups like Superman vs. Hulk, Spider-Man vs. Superboy, Batman vs. Captain America, Wolverine vs. Lobo, and Storm vs. Wonder Woman."

"This was followed by the Marvel/DC combo series, the Amalgam Universe which included mash-ups like Princess Ororo of Themiscyra (Wonder Woman & Storm), Dark Claw (Batman & Wolverine), and Spider-Boy (Superboy & Spider-Man)," he continued. "Another official crossover event took place in 2003/2004 with Kurt Busiek's JLA/Avengers, marking the last time that Marvel and DC allowed their characters to interact but featured the kind of moments fans craved in such an event like Superman wielding Mjolnir and Captain America's shield."

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