DC's Legends of Tomorrow EP Says the Uncertainty About Renewal Could Make Season 8 Better

DC's Legends of Tomorrow heads into its season finale tomorrow night with no definite renewal for an eighth season, leaving fans -- as well as the cast and crew -- to wonder whether tomorrow might be the last time the team ever gets to screw things up for the better. And while it's always nice to get the early renewals that The CW has been doling out for the last couple of years, executive producer Phil Klemmer, who has been with Legends from the very beginning, told ComicBook that there is an upside to the uncertainty: as he and the writers begin talking about possible season 8 ideas, they're far from complacent. He thinks that insecurity could ultimately make a prospective season 8 even stronger.

In the season finale, which airs tomorrow, the Legends are facing off against a Fixed Point -- a moment in time that is so important, that any change to it could have catastrophic impact on the timeline. As a result, those points are protected by elite forces (the last one we saw was Eobard Thawne) who have clear instructions: disable and/or kill any time traveler who tries to interfere with the Fixed Point.

"I think if we do come back, I think the fact that we had this moment of uncertainty would be an occasion for us to remind ourselves how very, very lucky we are," Klemmer told ComicBook. "If we do come back, I think the show will benefit from the fact that we didn't allow ourselves to get complacent."

Little is known about what a potential season 8 would look like, but it seems likely that it would center on a new character, played by Donald Faison, who will make his Arrowverse debut tomorrow night. A fairly transparent character description has most fans assuming that Faison will be playing a version of Booster Gold, the time-traveling former Justice Leaguer who traveled back in time from the 25th Century to become a superhero. Well, become a superhero, and take corporate sponsorships as the smiling, "Boosterrific" pitchman who saves the city, endorses your car, and drives away in it with a pretty girl. In the comics, Booster is secretly (even to him, since it hasn't happened yet in the linear timeline of the DCU) the father of Rip Hunter, the Time Master who, in the Arrowverse, originally founded the Legends.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will air its season 7 finale on Wednesday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.