Ryan Reynolds Still Hasn't Seen 'Green Lantern'

Even though Ryan Reynolds might be known as the Merc' With the Mouth, but in between his stints in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the hit film Deadpool, the actor spent some time with the Distinguished Competition.

But Green Lantern was not well received among fans or critics. And although many of those who have seen the movie don't claim to be fans, Reynolds hasn't even watched the film in which he co-starred with wife Blake Lively.

"Look, I've never seen the full final version of Green Lantern," Reynolds revealed to EW. "I saw a very late stage rough cut of the film. Now, that isn't to say that I didn't want to see it because I didn't like it. I have movies that have been received pretty well that I haven't seen, and then I have movies that I have seen 100 times that people don't like but I just like. The Green Lantern [joke in Deadpool] to me is just sort of, I don't know, kind of fun. It's me just taking the piss out of me, but it's more [Deadpool] though."

In the original Deadpool, the hero jokes about not wearing a costume made of CGI, teasing his appearance in Green Lantern.

The actor seems to have a lot of fun at the expense of his DC Comics-based movie. He recently took to social media, posting a picture of himself with a tissue over his eyes, and called it a "prototype" of the Green Lantern mask.

"Early prototype for the Green Lantern mask. People could tell it was an old tissue, so we went with a CGI version," Reynolds wrote.

The Deadpool costume might look better on the big screen, but Reynolds still has his own problems when it comes to his more practical outfit. Particularly, he recently admitted that he has trouble using the restroom.


"It was like a soft system update," Reynolds said of his costume for Deadpool 2. "You know, when it's like your phone gives you an update, but it's only like [the] font or something. It's not going to give you some awesome thing. It was kind of that. My shin guards are shinier. I mean f--k, who cares. Nothing that allowed me to find my penis within 20 minutes when I had to pee. No, nothing like that. God forbid we should just put a normal f--king zipper in it."

Deadpool 2 premieres on May 18th. You can probably stream Green Lantern on the TNT app, but why would you want to?