'Deathstroke' Solo Movie Not Coming Anytime Soon

Ever since Ben Affleck released test footage of Joe Manganiello as the villain Deathstroke, fans have been clamoring for the deadly contract killer's appearance on the big screen. A post-credits appearance in Justice League lead to news that The Raid director Gareth Evans was working on a solo movie.

But it turns out fans might have to wait quite a bit before that project actually comes to fruition, as Evans has a lot more on his plate in the near future. While answering fan questions on his Instagram account, the director revealed his immediate projects that will require his attention into 2020 and beyond.

The post came from Evans' Instagram when he shared a photo of actor Mark Lewis Jones on the set of The Apostle, which is likely to premiere on Netflix later this year. When asked about what he's working on now, Evans gave a peak at his work slate for the next few years.

"Going straight into production on a TV show soon in UK, that will keep me busy making general mayhem til 2020 then looking at making a bunch of films in Wales for the foreseeable future," Evans wrote.

That might be upsetting considering there's no mention of Deathstroke with Manganiello or a follow up to The Raid 2. But he's been very quiet about both projects, especially Deathstroke after it was announced he was developing the film with Warner Bros.

Edwards seems like a perfect fit for the character's solo effort after helming the Indonesian action movie masterpieces The Raid and The Raid 2. But fans will have to get their Deathstroke fix when the character appears in Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, as voiced by Will Arnet.

But Deathstroke has been established in the DC movie universe, apparently conspiring with an escaped Lex Luthor to start "a league of their own." It's unclear of that scene was setting up a Justice League sequel or something else, especially with the future of DC Films in flux.

Manganiello recently revealed a humorous story about how he got his gig as Slade Wilson, revealing that Warner Bros. producer Jon Berg offered him the gig after seeing some fan art.

"At the time Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck were writing the Batman script," Manganiello said at OZ Comic Con. "They wanted to intro Slade at the end of JL...Jon Berg googled Deathstroke, saw Bosslogic's fanart of Joe as Slade...and he got the offer."

Hopefully we'll get to see Manganiello pop up as Deathstroke very soon.


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[h/t Reddit]