Deleted Batman V Superman Scene Reveals Why Superman Doesn't Always Use His Powers

During Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman was twice faced with a loved one being in [...]

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During Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman was twice faced with a loved one being in danger, but only in one of those cases was he able to find them.

Some criticised this as a plot hole, and in response Director Zack Snyder had this to say.

"I think all the way – to me, from Metropolis to Smallville is probably just on the edge of his range of hearing" he explained. "Also the clutter of the city makes it difficult as well."

While that might not appease some, a recent conversation with Zack Snyder via IGN revealed that a scene left on the cutting room could have helped that theory along somewhat.

"We had a scene that we cut from the movie where he tries to look for her when he finds out that Lex has got her," Snyder continued. "It was a slightly dark scene that we cut out because it sort of represented this dark side. Because when he was looking for his mom he heard all the cries of all the potential crimes going on in the city, you know when you look.

"I kind of like the idea that he's taught himself not to look because if he looks it's just neverending, right? You have to know when, as Superman, when to intervene and when not to. Or not when not to, you can't be everywhere at once, literally you can't be everywhere at once, so he has to be really selective in a weird way about where he chooses to interfere."

That scene could have really enlisted some much-needed empathy for Superman, especially since they were playing off of his "am I doing the world any good?" mentality throughout the entire movie. Hopefully, we'll get to see this realized in the director's cut Blu-ray and DVD.

via IGN

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