'Doom Patrol': Cyborg's New Origin Revealed

The DC Universe has steadily been expanding, exploring the weirder corners with the motley crew of the Doom Patrol.

In the second episode of Doom Patrol, the series debuted the popular comic book character Cyborg, providing a look at the tragic origin for Victor Stone. But it might be different from what fans are used to, as it's a change from the stories of Justice League, Young Justice, and the New 52 versions.

In those versions, accidents and experiments with Apokalips technology resulted in Cyborg's transformation. But the version we see in Doom Patrol actually has more in common with the original Teen Titans comic books by Marc Wolfman and George Perez.

In those comics, Victor's mother Elinore works with her husband Silas Stone to open a portal to another dimension, resulting in an attack from a mysterious creature that ends up killing her and severely injuring her son. Silas experimented on his son and augmented his body with cybernetics to save his life, resulting in a tragic origin for the superhero.

Doom Patrol twists this idea a bit, showing Victor surviving an explosion that killed his mother and left him wounded. Silas then vowed to honor his wife and save his son, and the two then decide to honor her memory by saving people with victor operating as Cyborg.

Silas Stone actor Phil Morris spoke with ComicBook.com about his role on the series, praising the direction of Doom Patrol and how it takes a different approach from other superhero series.

"It's not spoon feeding you a lesson of how to save the universe, or how to save yourself, or save your team. They do it beyond themselves, in spite of themselves," said Morris. "They're dysfunctional as all get out, and I think that's more in keeping with the way the world is as opposed to the way the world we want to see is. That's what I love about Doom Patrol and those characters are as interesting in their psychology as they are interesting in their special abilities."

New episodes of Doom Patrol air Fridays on DC Universe.



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