Matt Bomer Cast as Negative Man on 'Doom Patrol'

It looks like DC Universe's Doom Patrol has just found its latest star.

The streaming service has announced that Matt Bomer has been cast as Larry Trainor/Negative man in Doom Patrol.

Bomer is best known for his roles on White Collar, American Horror Story, and Glee. The nerd world has been campaigning for Bomer to join a comic book role for quite some time, with his name recently being tossed around by fans for a potential replacement for Superman.

In the comics, Larry Trainor is a test pilot, who accidentally is fused with radioactive energy during an accident. This gives Larry the ability to release a "Negative Man" from his body, who has the ability to fly, phase through things, and explode. Larry and Negative Man have a unique relationship, with Larry in danger of dying if separated from the spirit for too long. Larry is also forced to keep an Invisible Man-esque appearance, wearing bandages wrapped around his face.

Dwain Murphy was already cast as Negative Man in the Doom Patrol's appearance on Titans, and appears to be reprising the role in early Doom Patrol set photos. This could indicate that Bomer's role will involve flashbacks and voiceover, similarly to Brendan Fraser's casting as Robotman, but fans will just have to wait and see to find out.

Doom Patrol will see Bomer's Negative Man joined by Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) and Robotman (Jake Michaels), all of whom will be reprising their roles from a forthcoming appearance on Titans. The series will also include Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Jovian Wade as Cyborg, and Brendan Frasier as the voice of Robotman. Timothy Dalton was cast as the group's leader, The Chief, and the team will be going up against Alan Tudyk's Mr. Nobody.

doom patrol matt bomer negative man

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Doom Patrol is expected to debut sometime in 2019, only on DC Universe.