Dwayne The Rock Johnson Teases When Black Adam Will Start Filming

DC fans have long awaited more information on DC's Black Adam, but the Rock just revealed when the project will start filming.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson spoke to filmstarts about his upcoming Jumanji sequel, specifically when that will start filming. During that convo he mentioned a few other projects he's working on, and revealed that Black Adam is eyeing a film start later this year.

“With Black Adam, I don’t think we’re going to start early next year," Johnson said. "Early next year right now it looks like I’m going to be shooting Jumanji, and then after that, if everything goes well I’ll shoot a movie called Red Notice with Rawson Thurber again, with Gal Gadot, and another actor yet to be named. But Black Adam possibly at the end of next year. It’s coming along great, the script is coming along great we’re very happy with it.”

It seems the long-awaited Black Adam debut might be coming sooner than we expected, as if it shoots by end of the year we actually might see it released either in 2019 or 2020. Now, those are just goal dates at this point, so nothing officially has been scheduled or set in stone, but it does seem like it could actually happen, and that's good news.

The Rock has been attached to Black Adam for some time now, and originally it was expected he would face off against Shazam! in the Shazam! movie. It was later revealed that Shazam!, which now has Zackary Levi attached as the lead hero, would not feature Black Adam, and that Rock's project would be split off and given its own film. If all goes well with both films, we imagine a Shazam! Black Adam fight in the sequel would be a no-brainer.


As for why Rock took the role, he's just always been a fan. "I've loved the role of Black Adam," Johnson said. "I love that he starts off as a slave, that he felt like he was wronged. I've just loved that backstory. I think that Black Adam has always been, to me, the most intriguing superhero."

Next up for Warner Bros. and DC is Aquaman, which hits on December 21st. Shazam! is up next on April 5th, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters on November 1st, 2019. Black Adam has no current release date.