Here's What 'Arrow's John Diggle Could Look Like as Green Lantern

The second part of the Arrowverse crossover 'Elseworlds' teased a major superhero identity for [...]

The second part of the Arrowverse crossover "Elseworlds" teased a major superhero identity for John Diggle, when the older Flash played by John Wesley Shipp commented on his lack of a ring. This immediately set off alarm bells for fans, who theorized an alternate version of the character as Green Lantern.

Now fan art has resurfaced featuring Diggle as one of the Emerald Space Cops, with Boss Logic imagining Arrow actor David Ramsey as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Take a look:

Many fans are curious about whether Diggle will be given a ring in the future. Though he currently fights crime in Star City as Spartan, some have been vocal in wanting to see him suit up as a Green Lantern. The "Elseworlds" tease seems to confirm that this version of the character actually exists in the multiverse.

As for whether or not this nod is actually setting up a future development remains to be seen, as Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz and The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing teased during a screening event for the crossover. When asked if we'd see Diggle show up as a Green Lantern, Schwartz played coy.

"To be continued. No, we were all really excited about that fun nod but I'm not sure what's to come of that, really," said Schwartz.

"It's not been written yet," added Helbing.

"Yeah, it's not been written yet," Schwartz confirmed.

The "Elseworlds" crossover ended with a tease for next year's event, promising to adapt the seminal crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths across The CW shows. If Diggle does get Green Lantern's light, chances are we could see it play out during those episodes.

The Flash star Grant Gustin expressed excitement at the Crisis teases laid out across the shows during a discussion with

"It is really fulfilling" to see some of the Crisis stuff play out, Gustin said. "I hope we can stick around long enough to see what's going on with that newspaper article. We'd have to make it four more seasons, five more seasons. It's cool, though. It feels like it's earned. Me and Stephen had that conversation a lot during the crossover, actually. There's a lot of even just comedic moments that we have that are funny because they're earned -- because of the history of the characters and the journey they've been on. It is one of the best parts of doing these as a series versus a film -- people have been with us. I've met kids who have gone through all of high school watching this show. To have that kind of stamp on people's lives is pretty special."

Fans can now see all three parts of the "Elseworlds" crossover streaming on The CW app.