Exclusive 'Lucifer' Season 3 Deleted Scene: "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards"

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided ComicBook.com with a sneak peek at a deleted scene from Lucifer: The Complete Third Season, which comes to DVD next week. You can check it out above.

In the scene, which comes from "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards," the titular badass lawyer played by Tricia Helfer shows up, free of the influence of Mom, and immediately sets about showing everyone around her who's boss.

"We loved working with Tricia so much that we brought her back as an entirely different character in the same body," executive producer Joe Henderson told ComicBook.com in our look back at the series. "It was so wonderful to see Tricia finding a way to play the character in a way that was completely different but that people wouldn't necessarily feel like she was a different person. It was great to have an episode that really focused on her as a lead."

Helfer first appeared in the show's second season, with the character of Charlotte being taken over by Lucifer's mother. When she was eventually cast out, Charlotte was presumed lost -- until she showed up again.

Lucifer ran for three seasons on FOX before the network cancelled it, and the show moved to Netflix. Season four is currently in production, with an eye toward a 2019 release date.

The show's third season is coming to DVD soon and, if past history has taught us anything, will be available on Blu-ray exclusively from the Warner Archive as well. The disc will feature all 26 episodes of the season as well as deleted scenes (obviously) and some other special features.


The show's 2017 Comic-Con panel will be included on the disc (as is custom for Warner Bros. TV), as well as a pair of behind-the-scenes featurettes. The first, "Lucifer Returns!," centers on moving the production of the show from Vancouver to Los Angeles. The second, "Off Script with Tom & Tom," features actors Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and Tom Welling (Lieutenant Marcus Pierce) as they interview one another on their roles and life on the set of Lucifer.

Lucifer: The Complete Third Season is available now on Digital and DVD August 28.