First 'Aquaman' Movie TV Spot Released

DC and Warner Bros. are already gearing up the promotion machine for Aquaman and have just debuted the film's first TV spot.

The new TV spot gives us a better look at the state of the oceans, as numerous tidal waves are present and throwing ships around like they're made of paper. The waves even move what appears to be an entire house, though it isn't clear when that takes place in the film. Regardless of when it happens, it looks devastating, and we imagine Orm the Ocean Master has something to do with it.

We also get a look at the scene only shown in image form previously when Mera emerges from the sea in full costume, telling Arthur about Orm's plan to go to war with the surface world. You can really see the green in her costume here, despite it looking a bit dark in the original photo.

Other small snippets include a look at the King's true trident, Arthur's battle with Orm, and the Black Manta fight. You can catch all of those in the video above.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa illuminated Orm's point of view during the Aquaman set visit, and you can see a bit of where he's coming from.

"If I don’t step in and intervene, Orm’s just gonna take over the land," Momoa said. "You think about all the harm we’ve done to the oceans, and are still doing, and if you lived under there, you would absolutely despise and hate these people that lived up there. Why wouldn’t you send a tsunami and just wreck the whole place? Why wouldn’t you? You burn up your cars and take the fossil fuels and put acid rain in the ocean and why wouldn’t you?"


Aquaman lands in theaters on Friday, Dec. 21. Shazam! is slated to hit theaters on April 5, 2019, while Wonder Woman 1984 debuts in theaters on Nov. 1, 2019.

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