The Flash Exclusive Clip: The People vs. Killer Frost

The CW has provided ComicBook with an exclusive clip from tonight's episode of The Flash, titled "The People vs. Killer Frost." The episode sees Frost (Danielle Panabaker) go on trial for her past crimes. The district attorney, though, has a surprising plea bargain up her sleeve -- and one that, since we know Panabaker has teased a not-so-happy ending for Frost, seems a little more real and dangerous than it otherwise might. It also appears to have potential ramifications for a lot of characters going forward -- so much so that we will keep the specific spoilers out of the lead paragraph here (although you're on your own if you decide to watch the clip above).

Frost manifests herself as an alternate personality within Caitlin Snow's body and has been the primary representative of the Frost/Snow duo that fans have seen over the last couple of seasons. While she has dropped the "Killer" from her name and set about trying to make things right by becoming a hero rather than a villain, Central City hasn't completely forgotten what she did when she first arrived on the scene -- even if having a drink named after her at Jitters suggests that most people have forgiven it.

"I'm really glad that they're telling this storyline," Panabaker said. "It's important that Frost is held accountable for the things she did. And I know she's tried to do a lot of good things to outweigh the bad things that she's done, but I loved reading this script and I loved bringing it to life."

The episode will also see the debut of Alexa Rivera (Sara Garcia), who is tied to the Strength Force in the same way that Barry and Wally are tied to the Speed Force. The character is described as a "social aid health worker who is working hard to overcome a dark past as she helps the underprivileged in Central City. But when Alexa uncovers a mysterious connection to the all-powerful Strength Force, she becomes Team Flash's most dangerous threat yet."

You can check out the official episode synopsis below and read on for photos.


CAITLIN FIGHTS TO CLEAR FROST – With Frost (Danielle Panabaker) facing an unjust punishment for her past crimes, Caitlin goes to great lengths to save her sister. Meanwhile, Barry’s (Grant Gustin) efforts to protect Speed Force Nora (guest star Michelle Harrison) lead to a shocking discovery. Sudz Sutherland directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "The People V. Killer Frost" debuts tonight.