The Flash Season 3 'Big Mistake' and 'Paradox' Previews Released

The Flash season 3 premiered last night with a TV series adaptation of the famous "Flashpoint" storyline. We caught up with Barry Allen living in a new reality - one he created by stopping the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. But while Barry finally had the life he wanted with his parents both alive and well, so much more of his world (especially his friends) were interrupted by the changes.

Being the hero that he is, Barry made a huge sacrifice and allowed his arch-nemesis Reverse-Flash to complete his original path of destiny, and kill Nora Allen. But just when Barry thought he had corrected his mistake, he returned to his original timeline to find that details of his life (and assumedly, the world) are drastically different.

The two extended previews for upcoming season 3 episodes of The Flash show Barry learning just how much damage he's done to the timeline, and why putting it right may not be as easy as he hopes.

The preview for the second episode of season 3, "Paradox," explores Barry's growing realization that he screwed something fundamentally up in his time travels - while also introducing Harry Potter star Tom Felton as the new member of "Team Flash" in this altered reality. Not surprisingly, Barry Allen and Draco Malfoy aren't immediate pals.


The Flash premieres on October 4; Arrow on October 5; Supergirl October 10; and Legends of Tomorrow on October 13. Each show airs at 8/7c on The CW.