DC Future State: Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso Gets an Upgrade

DC's Future State event kicked off with major fanfare on Tuesday, showcasing the next new era of storytelling in the comics universe. The first week's worth of launch titles had a lot of reasons for fans to get excited, including the first appearance of Yara Flor, the new character taking on the mantle of Wonder Woman. Future State: Wonder Woman #1 dove deep into who Yara is as a character -- and introduced some cool new gadgets of hers in the process. Spoilers for Future State: Wonder Woman #1 from Joelle Jones, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue showcased a unique series of conflicts for Yara, beginning with her slaying a literal dragon within the Amazon rainforest. Soon after, she met up with Caipora, a woodland deity who has crossed paths with her multiple times over. After Yara proclaimed that her goal was to travel to the Underworld and kill Hades in order to save one of her Amazonian sisters, Caipora quickly tried to prevent that from happening. Yara then decided to get the upper hand with the help of her Lasso of Truth, which definitely looks different from the one traditionally used by Diana Prince.

future state wonder woman 1 yara flor lasso
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

For one thing, the rope utilizes a bolero design, with two orbs on the end to help it swing around. The rope itself has a much different braid pattern to it, one that feels a bit more detailed and frayed than the traditional Lasso of Truth.

While Yara's lasso has been showcased in some of Future State's promotional material, there is something fun about seeing it in action, as it has a physicality to it that feels different from the traditional golden lasso. It also helps further set Yara apart from the previous incarnations of Wonder Woman, while also honoring the legacy of what came before her.

What do you think of Yara Flor's new lasso in the pages of Future State: Wonder Woman? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!