Gal Gadot Shares Photo Behind The Wheel Of New Wonder Woman Car

While we wait for more news on the upcoming third Wonder Woman movie, series star Gal Gadot has [...]

While we wait for more news on the upcoming third Wonder Woman movie, series star Gal Gadot has revealed how she's keeping in character with a new photo on social media of a custom car featuring the DC hero's logo. Gadot took to Twitter with two images of the vehicle, featuring Wonder Woman's symbol on the horn and dashboard, writing "It's no invisible jet but I guess it will do :)" Gadot didn't specify if this car is hers or one that she stumbled upon and wanted photos of, but with four appearances as the DC hero under her belt it's something she'll forever be associated with.

After Wonder Woman 1984 premiered on HBO Max on Christmas Day 2020 it didn't take long for Warner Bros. to confirm that a third film focusing on the character was on the way. Gadot and director Patty Jenkins were confirmed to return for the film. A timeline for when the sequel will get moving is unclear though as Jenkins was attached to a new Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, just weeks prior to the Wonder Woman 3 announcement. Lucasfilm previously set that film for a December 22, 2023 premiere, meaning the third Wonder Woman may not come until after.

"We have sort of plans for what will go first and try to organize how multiple things can happen," Jenkins said previously in an interview with Collider about juggling the two projects. "There are a lot of ways (to multi-task). Certainly, until I'm on set shooting Star Wars, I could be developing all sorts of other things and pushing them forward. It is actually possible. So, I think that's apparently how people do it, do multiple things at one time, which I'm usually pretty singularly focused, but I'm getting better at this all the time."

Speaking with with CinemaBlend's Reelblend podcast last year Jenkins confirmed that they'd already come up with a story for the third film and that she and comic scribe Geogg Johns has "beat out an entire story for Wonder Woman 3" and "were super fired up about" it. Even with that though she said she's not cementing any plans for the film this far out from production.

She added, "I'm trying to say, 'Don't decide.' Don't fall in love with anything. See 'What would Wonder Woman do now?' What are you craving Wonder Woman to do in this world?"

What we want to see her do right now is drive that car.