Gambi From 'Black Lightning' Hasn't Seen 'Kingsman' Yet

James Remar, the actor who plays Gambi on The CW's Black Lightning, has no idea what you are [...]

James Remar, the actor who plays Gambi on The CW's Black Lightning, has no idea what you are talking about when you compare his upscale men's clothing storefront (which hides a secret lair) to the one in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

That's because despite that similarity, Remar has not yet seen Kingsman -- although he plans to, because he likes the director.

"I haven't seen it -- but [the sequel] came out last year, right?" Remar asked me when I pressed him on similarities to Colin Firth's storefront in Kingsman.

"I was directed by Matthew [Vaughn] for X-Men: First Class," Remar added. "So I know it's a gonna be a good movie."

Comic book (and comic book movie) fans took one look at Gambi's setup on Black Lightning, and thought "Hey, cool! Like Kingsman!"

The actual situation is different, of course; rather than being a part of the superhero subculture first and a support to the character second, Gambi is like a father figure to Cress Williams's Jefferson Pierce, who lost his own father at the hands of Tobias Whale.

"I don't just sit in the tailor shop and do nothing besides sew clothes," Remar said. "I do other stuff. Some pretty challenging stuff, too. And I'm out there helping Jefferson when he's Black Lightning, in terms of surveillance support -- and a couple of times I have to haul in there but quick and scoop him up off the ground."

While in-universe, Gambi gets all the credit for creating the dapper looks that Remar and Williams outfit themselves in -- and the superheroic ones, too -- Remar expressed admiration for the series' costume designer, who makes his character's work look credible.

We have a terrific costume designer; Rebecca Greg is amazing," Remar said. "They do most of the talking and then I wear what they give me....And, you know, she's got such an incredible eye and Salim knows what he wants Gambi to look like. So they collaborate and, you know, I get to throw my two cents in, but they're the ones creating the look, and I've been fortunate that I have such skilled people doing it."

Black Lightning airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following episodes of The Flash.