'Gotham's Bane Rises in Extended Red Band Trailer

Buckle up, Gotham fans. Bane is making his way to the city in next Thursday's new episode, and FOX [...]

Buckle up, Gotham fans. Bane is making his way to the city in next Thursday's new episode, and FOX has just released a "Red Band" trailer filled with new footage of the iconic villain.

Take a look at the extended trailer in the video above!

The trailer begins with a slight recap of Bane's origin on Gotham. A former military operative named Eduardo Dorrance, played by Shane West, arrived on Gotham earlier this season to help his old pal Jim Gordon clean up the streets before the government restored order. However, it was revealed that the government agent who sent Eduardo had some plans of her own, and the soldier was put on the war path.

Conflict came to a head when Eduardo and Jim went toe-to-toe in the ruins of Haven, the shelter that Eduardo was responsible for destroying, killing the lives of innocent people. Just when it seemed like Jim might have been defeated, he put Eduardo through a metal pole and left him to die.

This is where Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray) comes in, as she gave Eduardo a mask full of a mysterious gas that allows him to stay alive through his injuries. In the trailer, Walker is seen taking Eduardo to Hugo Strange (BD Wong) who alters his body enough to keep him alive, and more powerful than ever before. Now, with some new abilities at his disposal, Bane is out for revenge.

Unlike other versions of the Bane character we've seen in the past, Gotham's take looks a little more beaten and disfigured. As it turns out, that's exactly what the show was going for when it designed the costume.

"What they did in Chris Nolan's version I thought was a very cool idea," West told ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview. "We do our own take on that with the mask which I personally absolutely love. You find out quickly, you've already seen one of the episodes, that this is something a little obviously different. It kinda grows into this. When he grows into this, you'll see that he needs the mask. It's not just the venom that's coursing through his veins to pump him up and kind of keep him going. It's almost, in our version, it's he needs the mask to also breathe and live. It's kind of more of a deformed, steampunk version of Eduardo Dorrance."

Are you looking forward to Bane's official arrival on Gotham? Let us know in the comments!

Gotham's "I Am Bane" episode will air on Thursday, March 21st at 8 pm ET on FOX.


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