'Gotham' Finally Reveals Barbara Gordon

Thursday night's penultimate episode of Gotham finally delivered on a plot thread that has been teased since the series first arrived five years ago. The story of James Gordon and Barbara Keen has culminated in the arrival of a fan-favorite Batman character that viewers have always thought was the couple's endgame. Of course, we're talking about Barbara Gordon.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

When Barbara and Jim spent a steamy night together in the Gotham Central earlier in the season, fans immediately knew that it meant Batgirl was likely on the way. Since the finale would feature a 10-year flash forward, promising the "fully realized" versions of the characters on the show, it made sense for Barbara Gordon to at least be teased at some point. She was most certainly teased in the previous episode, as Barbara Keen gave birth to a baby girl.

However, when the baby arrived, Barbara didn't give her a name. That changed in Thursday night's episode, and it confirmed what everyone had been thinking. The baby was named Barbara Lee Gordon.

When talking with Jim, Barbara explained why she chose the name that she did. She said she wanted her daughter to grow up knowing who she could count on, so she named her after the three people she could always trust: Herself, Jim, and Lee.

It's no secret that Barbara and Lee haven't always gotten along, considering they were both after the same man for much of the series. But that changed this season when Lee helped care for Barbara during her tumultuous pregnancy. Had it not been for Lee's care, it's likely that the baby wouldn't have made it.

These three characters, along with the new baby, make up a pretty complicated little family. But it's clear that now they all care about one another, and they're going to do one hell of a job raising Batgirl.

What did you think about Gotham's Barbara Gordon reveal? Are you looking forward to the finale? Let us know in the comments!

The final episode of Gotham airs on Thursday, April 25th at 8 pm ET on FOX.



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