'Gotham' Star Ben McKenzie to Write Last Season 5 Episode

Update: FOX has confirmed to ComicBook.com that Ben McKenzie will be writing the last episode of Gotham is shot. However, that episode will act as the ninth of the season. The series finale (episode 12) will be written by John Stephens. Original story as follows:

After leading Gotham's cast for the last five years, and serving behind the camera as director on multiple occasions, Ben McKenzie is about to take on yet another responsibility in the final season.

This time around, in addition to his other jobs on the show, McKenzie will be writing the last episode of Gotham's final season.

McKenzie revealed the news to the crowd attending Rhode Island Comic Con over the weekend. The panel consisted of McKenzie, along with his wife and co-star Morena Baccarin, and the duo answered what the could about Gotham Season 5.

According to Clare Kramer, who attended the panel, McKenzie will "be writing the last last episode of the show that will be filmed."

The final season of Gotham will begin Gordon, Bruce, Harvey, and Lucius trying to fight off the villains that have taken over Gotham, turning it into No Man's Land. Over the course of the season, it will be their job to restore the city that was lost.

During a recent visit to the Gotham set, McKenzie spoke with ComicBook.com about the new season, and he shared his thoughts on why Gordon decided to stay back when the city fell in the Season 4 finale.

"He is going to be the last guy down with the ship," McKenzie said of his character. "He's never going to abandon it. I think that the pressure becomes more and more and more intense and he becomes a bit like Atlas, trying to carry the- well not quite literal but the figurative weight of the world on his shoulders. The pressure just gets more and more intense. Which is interesting because it can lead him to make decisions he wouldn't otherwise make, which there's a big one in the middle of the season. A decision he makes in the heat of passion that will have significant ramifications for him and others in the future."


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Gotham returns to FOX on Thursday, January 3, 2019.