Batman Finally Arrives in Gotham Series Finale

The night has finally arrived! After five wonderful seasons, Thursday night's episode of Gotham brought the series to a close. Fans have been waiting for this episode since the series began, as it was supposed to bring the origin story full circle, and introduce Bruce Wayne as Batman. Fortunately for every viewer out there, that's exactly what the show did.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the series finale of Gotham! Continue at your own risk...

It has been highly publicized over the last couple of months that the Gotham finale would include a fully realized Batman, complete with his suit, cape, and cowl. However, what we didn't know is exactly how the series would bring the Dark Knight to life. Well, it ends up a bit like Jaws, where you feel the presence of the character long before you actually see his face. When he does appear, though, Batman looks fantastic.

The whole episode takes place 10 years in the future, with Bruce Wayne having been gone that entire time. Everyone in the city makes a big to-do about his return, since it marks the opening of Wayne Tower, but he doesn't actually show up to any of the meetings or parties he's invited to. Everyone keeps asking where in the hell Bruce is. Of course, we all know that he's the shadow lurking in the back of half the episode.

There are glimpses of him throughout the hour, sometimes in the form of a hand reaching out, sometimes as a voice from the darkness. It's all subtle, but we get what's happening. That changes in the finale's very last moments. Jim Gordon brings back the spotlight because he is aware that the vigilante in the city is an ally, and he's joined on the roof by Harvey and Alfred. Harvey notices something in the distance and they all look up to see him, with Jim telling the others that this masked man is indeed "a friend." This is when Batman finally appears.

Much like the last shot of Season 3, the final thing we see in Gotham is Bruce Wayne in his full Batman suit standing on the corner of a roof, overlooking the city. It's still David Mazouz's face, but a fully-grown Bruce, finally taking on the role of the hero he was born to play. As the music heightens and we get a chance to really see his suit, the episode ends and the Gotham logo comes onto the screen.

It's a magical moment for fans of Gotham, one that we've been hoping to see for the last five years. Thankfully, the reveal didn't disappoint.

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