'Gotham': Cameron Monaghan Shows Off Bruised Body After Filming Jerome's Upcoming Stunts

Whoever said being a villain in Gotham City was easy?Cameron Monaghan is returning to Gotham this [...]

Whoever said being a villain in Gotham City was easy?

Cameron Monaghan is returning to Gotham this season for another round as the chaotic Jerome Valeska, and his new scenes have taken quite a physical toll on his body. The stunts for fights that Monaghan has filmed this season have left his back covered in welts and bruises.

Over the weekend, Monaghan took to Instagram to share a couple of photos after a long day of filming, and they looked more than just a little painful. Fortunately he didn't mind it too much.

"What a body looks like after a long day of shooting stunts on Gotham," Monaghan posted. "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a ton of fun or if I'd have it any other way, though. P.S. I'm fine (and Jerome loves it)"

It comes as no surprise to Gotham fans that Jerome would love to get a little roughed up at work. The character has traditionally thrived on pain and chaos. Let's remember, this is the guy whose face has been removed and sewn back it.

Jerome even hinted at taking joy in pain when he was featured in the promo for the upcoming midseason premiere. If you recall, the character was in a fist fight with Penguin, and he continued to laugh in Cobblepot's face while inviting even more pain.

In the most recent episode of Gotham, which aired back in December, Jerome appeared to Penguin in the depths of Arkham Asylum. Despite being absent from the activities of the city for quite some time, the character seems more than eager to get back to work, causing widespread panic and disorder all over town.

Gotham will return to FOX with brand new episodes this spring.