'Gotham' Promo Reveals First Look at Peyton List as Poison Ivy

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Gotham's fall finale! Continue reading at your own risk...

After Gotham's eventful fall finale on Thursday night, Fox aired the first promo from the spring half of the season. Most of the footage focused on Jerome's return to the series, wreaking havoc Penguin. However, amidst all the chaos, Gotham revealed the new Poison Ivy.

If you recall, Ivy disappeared after the second episode of the season, embarking on a journey of transformation. Not long after the character walked away, it was announced that she'd be getting recast upon her return.

Tomorrow People's Peyton List was given the role, replacing Meggie Geha who had played Ivy for multiple seasons. Casting List was meant to signify both the physical and mental changes that the character went through while she was off-screen.

In one moment towards the end of the trailer, the new Ivy emerged from a vine-covered room and approached Bruce Wayne. A second later, in a move that one would expect from a comic-accurate Poison Ivy, she kisses Bruce, capturing his attention.

gotham peyton list poison ivy
(Photo: Fox)

With Bruce already on a destructive path, having turned away from everything his old life used to represent, a relationship with Ivy could prove incredibly dangerous.

Gotham is set to return to Fox in 2018.