'Gotham' EP on Solomon Grundy's Future

Gotham has been anything but dull this season, introducing wild and eccentric comic characters [...]

Gotham has been anything but dull this season, introducing wild and eccentric comic characters like Scarecrow, Professor Pyg and, of course, Solomon Grundy.

While Grundy has been nothing more than Nygma's zombie puppet since his rebirth earlier this season, it looks as though the character could be reverting back to his old life as Butch Gilzean. After seeing Tabitha at the Narrows fight club, Grundy started to remember who he used to be, and there was finally a glimmer of hope beneath those empty eyes.

Could Butch somehow make a return to Gotham? While speaking to co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt, we asked that very question. Wynbrandt, without giving too much away, likened Grundy's story to that of Frankenstein's monster.

"I think what you're going to see is a story of duality and of this Frankenstein story when the monster becomes aware that he's a monster," Wynbrandt explained. "How does that person move forward? How can someone move forward knowing, remembering maybe pieces of what they were and now they're this for all intents and purposes a hideous thing?

"So I think what's great is there's really something interesting pesos that we dive into with Grundy/Butch and you'll see him sort of becoming almost a new version of the character. Part is Butch, part is Grundy and what that does for us moving forward is it allows us to kind of carve a new trajectory for Drew Powell and for the character in the mythology of the show."

Fans, as well as Tabitha, will be excited to see parts of the old Butch shine through the rugged exterior of Solomon Grundy. One person who shouldn't be to excited though is Ed Nygma. He currently has a trusted bodyguard in Grundy, but Butch was often his rival on the show, spending many episodes employed by Penguin. Could Grundy's upcoming change provide yet another major shift in momentum for the villains of Gotham?

More will be revealed as the fourth season of Gotham continues, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.