'Gotham': Hell Breaks Loose in Extended Midseason Trailer

Gotham is back in less than a month, and it looks like things are about to get wild!

FOX has just unveiled a five-minute sneak peek of Gotham's midseason premiere, which is set for March 1, and it features a ton of new footage. From the chaos-driven antics of Jerome, to the debut of Poison Ivy, and a more concrete relationship between Bruce and Selena, this trailer has just about everything a Gotham fan could ask for.

Wait, did we mention you might even see Batman??

You can watch the full Gotham return trailer in the video above.

As the sneak peek begins, the story of the first half of Gotham Season 4 is told, reminding fans of all that happened since the show has been off the air for a couple of months. We see Bruce fire Alfred, Jim get into it with Sofia, Grundy team up with Nygma, Lee begin running the Narrows, Ra's pass a mysterious power to Barbara and so much more. The recap ends with Jerome appearing to Penguin in Arkham Asylum.

New footage kicks off with Bruce and Jim Gordon finally building a good relationship, like the one they have in the comics. At this point, Bruce has a vision of something dark, something from a dream. A caped figure leaps down on him from a balcony. Another similar vision takes place later on in the trailer, alluding to the fact that Bruce could possibly be getting the vision for Batman this season.

The video continues by showing off Jim's troubles with the three women in his life: Barbara, Sofia Falcone, and Lee. Each of them is up to something, but Lee remains the only honorable one of the bunch.

At one point in the trailer, Ivy Pepper returns to Gotham, this time played by Peyton List. She has some of her comic-inspired powers that haven't been around on the show to this point, but proves that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming episodes.


Finally, the trailer gives everyone what they want to see, and that's the team-up of Jerome and Penguin. This duo is going to cause a ridiculous amount of chaos throughout the rest of the season, and there is no telling who they will recruit to their side as their reign of terror begins.

Check out the full Gotham trailer above, and tune in to the show's return to FOX on Thursday, March 1.