Gotham: Timelapse Video Shows Cameron Monaghan Removing Jerome Face Mask

The process for any actor becoming a character is unique, but for Cameron Monaghan his process in becoming Jerome on Gotham included a little something extra. While "putting on my face" is usually reserved as a euphemism for putting makeup on, for Monaghan it was much more literal - he had a full prosthetic face put over his own to transform into Jerome - as on the show, the character had his face cut off and was wearing it like a mask, stapled to his head.

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In a new behind-the-scenes timelapse video Monaghan posted to Instagram, we get to see the process of that face coming off, as he says - for now - goodbye to Jerome once again.

Bye-bye, Jerome. A special shoutout to @mikemaddimakeup

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Monaghan doesn't know exactly what's next for Jerome, but he did tell that when he comes back (the character ended the episode on the way to Arkham Asylum), his impact will be even larger than this time around.

I'm not exactly sure where they're gonna go with it, but character wise what's great about Jerome is that a sane person, when they do something extreme, will try to winde it back; but every time he takes a step forward, he never takes a step back. he just pushes it further, he goes bigger, he goes more violent, more mean, and so obviously the next time he comes back he's gonna be trying to top himself in any way he can," Monaghan teased to

Gotham is now on an extended winter hiatus, due to return April 24, 2017. 24: Legacy will have its Monday 8 p.m. timeslot on Fox for the next 12 weeks.