Gotham's David Mazouz Gives New Details on Bruce Wayne's Doppelganger

The biggest shocker of a twist-filled Gotham season two came in the final moments - we see a character that looks just like Bruce Wayne, and is in fact played by David Mazouz, emerge from the bus full of monsters that escaped from Indian Hill. The monsters there were undergoing extensive genetic and psychological testing at the hands of Professor Hugo Strange, all under the orders of the mysterious Court of Owls, an organization running everything in Gotham from deep behind-the-scenes.

"I'm playing two characters," Mazouz said with a mischievous smile while talking with at San Diego Comic-Con. He teased the new doppelganger, but stopped short of defining who the character is or what his motivations are.

"Is he a villain though?" he said when asked about playing a darker character. "I mean, obviously, i can't tell you who or what or why he is," he said with a laugh. Involved with the Court? More laughter, followed by, "maybe. Possibly. My mouth is closed."

"What I will say is that he's not a villain. He might turn into one, but right now he's not a villain. He doesn't have bad intentions. He might turn into one! This is hard for me because I don't want to give anything away," he said, expertly dancing around the issue. "I will say he's so much fun to play. Playing two characters is just amazing. You get to jump into two different bodies in the same day. It's phenomenal."


Gotham season three kicks off Monday September 19, 2016 on FOX.