'Green Lantern Corps' Confirmed to Feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart

The Green Lantern Corps movie is happening after all, and it will include both of the most popular DC Comics characters to ever take on the Green Lantern mantle: Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced that Geoff Johns was stepping down from his current role as chief creative officer, and was subsequently launching his own production company, Mad Ghost Productions. Johns and Mad Ghost are entering a first-look deal with Warner Bros., where he will write and produce several DC projects for film, TV, and comics.

According to the press release, one of Johns' first film projects under the new company will be the long-awaited Green Lantern Corps movie, which he will write and produce. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, given that Johns wrote the Green Lantern comics for several years.

Before Johns was announced as a writer and producer of the film, it was rumored that Green Lantern Corps would include both Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Well, now that Johns is on board, the inclusion of both characters has finally been confirmed.

If you head to the website for Mad Ghost Productions, there's different menus for film, TV, and comics. The "film" option brings you to a page of films that Mad Ghost will be producing, and the first on the list is Green Lantern Corps. There isn't much info about the movie, and it's simply listed as being "in development," but there is a short description about what can be expected from the film.

"One of DC Comics' greatest Super Hero universes, the film will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart..."

Also on that menu are the three DC movies that are currently in production, Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 2. While all of these were already in production from Warner Bros., Johns was involved as a writer and/or producer.


Green Lantern Corps will mark the second time Hal Jordan appears in a live-action movie, though most fans likely want to forget the first Green Lantern movie that starred Ryan Reynolds. John Stewart has yet to make his live-action debut.

Now that we know both Jordan and Stewart will be in the movie, we can all begin speculating what other Green Lanterns will appear. Is it finally time for the world to meet Guy Gardner's beautiful bowl-cut?? Only time will tell.