Tom Cruise Reportedly Frontrunner to Play Green Lantern

Warner Bros. might be enlisting A-list talent when they reboot Green Lantern Corps, according to a [...]

Warner Bros. might be enlisting A-list talent when they reboot Green Lantern Corps, according to a new rumor about the future DC Comics movie.

A blind item from the celebrity rumor site Crazy Days and Nights states that Tom Cruise was in talks to star as the lead Green Lantern, but with one major caveat. The rumor states that the character was going to be killed off in the script, but that Cruise would not take the role unless that was changed.

The item originally ran in March of this year without Cruise's name or without Green Lantern mentioned, and now the site just revealed that information.

Cruise has long been mentioned as a rumor to be cast as the new Green Lantern, especially with frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie in talks to join the film. No progress has been made on the film at this point, at least that Warner Bros. has publicly commented about.

It should also be noted that this item originally ran in March. Those talks could have cooled or both parties could have moved on, especially since a deal has not yet been announced. Maybe if this rumor generates interest, it could stir up some momentum on Warner Bros. getting serious about locking Cruise down.

This is good news for fans of DC Films and of Green Lantern, knowing that the studio is willing to spend some big money on talent to make this movie happen.

Cruise is one of the biggest action stars working in Hollywood, with the Mission: Impossible series continuing to rake in money at the box office after six films. Cruise has yet to appear in a superhero movie, and it seems like a no brainer that he would get involved with one of the most profitable genres in movie theaters today.

Superman actor Henry Cavill previously spoke about appearing in a DC Comics film with Cruise, enjoying his time as co-star in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

"I would love to work with Tom again. So, any opportunity I get would be enormous fun," Cavill told ScreenRant.

The film is rumored to feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two of the most popular characters in the franchise. Hopefully we learn more about Warner Bros. plans for Green Lantern Corps in the near future.