Hawk & Dove Appear in First 'Titans' Season 2 Footage

The first season of Titans gave DC fans a lot to process, and there are still several threads lingering as we head into season 2. One of those includes Hawk & Dove, the latter of which is still recovering from her injuries in episode 2. It seems though we will see the duo back in action in season 2 thankfully, as this new video from the set of DC Universe's anticipated new series indicates, and they seem much happier than in times past.

The new video shows Dawn (Minka Kelly) and Hank (Alan Ritcison) outside filming by a car. The trunk is open so we're not sure if the car not working or if they just stopped by the side of the road for an impromptu cookout, but their coats suggest it might be too cold for that. Nothing really happens in the behind the scenes footage mind you, but it's the fact that Dawn and Hank are up and moving around and out of the hospital that warrants the most attention.

You can check out the video above. "[VIDEO] Behind the scenes of a Hank (Alan) and Dawn (Minka) scene for #Titans Season 2!"

There's a lot to like in Titans, though Hawk and Dove easily stole the spotlight early in the season. They bring another dimension to the team that is lacking when they aren't around, and we hope they have a bigger part to play in season 2 than they did in season 1. The last we saw of them Raven was reaching out to them via astral projection for help, but that was before her father Trigon managed to get Dick Grayson to embrace the darkness, turning him into what he originally planned for Raven.

The final episode gave us a glimpse at a very dark future involving Grayson and Bruce Wayne, with the myriad of villains in Gotham all lying dead at Batman's hands. It turns out that was all a nightmare at the hands of Trigon, and it seems to have worked, giving fans a huge cliffhanger leading into season 2.

Season 2 of Titans hits later this year.



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