HBO Max's Green Lantern Series Won't Be Your Average Superhero Story According to Star

Green Lantern is getting an HBO Max series and Finn Wittrock says that it won’t be your average [...]

Green Lantern is getting an HBO Max series and Finn Wittrock says that it won't be your average superhero story. He is playing fan-favorite Guy Gardner in the upcoming show. A lot of Green Lantern fans have been nervous about this project before seeing even a second of it. It would be hard to blame them after the drama surrounding the Ryan Reynolds movie. But, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Wittrock says that Green Lantern fans are going to enjoy what's going on during the HBO Max show. Seth Grahame-Smith is the showrunner for the project and bringing the wild universe of DC Comics to a smaller screen. WanrerMedia has been hyping up the superhero content with Stargirl, Titans, and the upcoming Peacemaker series all getting some spotlight. But, Green Lantern is something that fans have been waiting for an eternity for.

"It definitely was something that was in my head," Wittrock explained after getting cast. "In some ways, it's almost better. I think it offers a chance to reinvent the whole thing and you're not going to have... I mean, no offense to the movie. It is what it is, but you're not going to have people who are dying for the creation of that movie. [The show] can be its own new interpretation."

"It is really cool how sprawling a storyline it is," Wittrock added. "It's pretty epic. It spans time and space and has something for everyone. It's not your average superhero story… He takes on a lot of this show. He's a pretty big part of it. I think it's an interesting way in [to the story]. It's not the conventional way in, but I think people might see a side of him they didn't know was there."

"There's a lot of story there. I think maybe it was just too much to fit into a movie. We have the time and the space, thanks to HBO, to really explore a lot of it on a big scale. I think it's going to be a different animal, to be honest," he concluded. "...This one did kind of fall from the sky. It's really exciting for me. I'm considering myself a student of the comic book universe right now."

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