Henry Cavill Reveals Where He Wants To Take Superman Next

Many DC fans were disappointed to learn that Henry Cavill might not be reprising the role of Superman after three outings as the iconic hero, and while that's still up in the air, Cavill does have an idea of what he'd like to explore if ever given the chance. Cavill brought Superman to life in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League, though the former's rocky performance at the box office quelled any chances of a sequel. Since then the part has been in limbo, and with it fans' hope of seeing Cavill in the suit once more. During a press event for his new show The Witcher, Cavill was asked what he would like to explore if the chance comes his way, and he's got some ideas.

"Where we left off with Man of Steel, in particular, was the guy who had found his place, or was trying to find his place but had sort of found it by the end, that had committed something which he would consider a most horrific sin by killing the last member of his species," Cavill told Jake Hamilton. "That is a place where I would like to travel from with the character. Him exploring the positivity of who he is. Not necessarily the chocolate box version, but the leaning into that. That character who becomes an icon of hope and enjoying that experience rather than necessarily being made uncomfortable by it."

After returning to life in Justice League, we got a glimpse of what that more lighthearted Superman could be, but we haven't had the chance to actually see him back in the role since. The character made a cameo in Shazam, but Cavill wasn't involved, and reports have stated that a Man of Steel 2 or Superman movie is a bit further out, with or without Cavill.

Still, many would love to see that finally come to fruition, as the Superman we left off with in Justice League not only had a warm sense of humor but was also more comfortable with who he is and his place amongst humanity. That ties in directly to what Cavill would like to explore, though if he did end up doing the project, it would likely be without Zack Snyder at the helm.

Snyder directed both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. He directed Justice League as well, though split that duty with Joss Whedon.


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