How The Suicide Squad Sets Up the Peacemaker HBO Max Series Explained

The Suicide Squad is now out in theaters and on HBO Max, and aside from finally getting to see [...]

The Suicide Squad is now out in theaters and on HBO Max, and aside from finally getting to see James Gunn's vision of the Suicide Squad franchise, DC fans also get an answer about the franchise's future. Before The Suicide Squad arrived, Warner Bros. and DC tapped Gunn to do a spinoff series, centered on John Cena's character, Peacemaker (aka Christopher Smith). As The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters, Gunn and Cena have finished production on the Peacemaker series. After seeing the film, we now know just how The Suicide Squad sets the stage for the Peacemaker series - and why it will definitely be worth watching!

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for The Suicide Squad Follow!

In The Suicide Squad, John Cena's Peacemaker is a constant irritant for Task Force X's chosen leader, Bloodsport (Idris Elba). Peacemaker's unflinching commitment to mayhem in the name of peace is a hilarious schtick but as the third begins, Peacemaker's arc takes a much darker turn.

When Task Force X finally gets to their mission objective in Corto Maltese, they discover that Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has actually sent them to recover a file drive that proves the US government was involved in the horrific Starro experiments carried out on men, women and even children. Bloodsport wants to use the file as leverage against Waller; others like Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior) want to do the "right thing" and release the information to the press; however, Peacemaker reveals that he's been tasked with a mission-inside-the-mission to make sure that file never sees the light of day.

It comes down to a showdown between Peacemaker and Flag that ends with Flag's brutal death. Ratcatcher 2 escapes with the file but Peacemaker chases her down and is about to assassinate her too when Bloodsport shows up on the scene. When Bloodsport and Peacemaker finally get to have their Wild West-style duel, Peacemaker is critically injured by a shot to the jugular and left for dead.

The Suicide Squad Post-Credits Scene: Peacemaker Lives

A post-credits scene for The Suicide Squad reveals that Peacemaker did indeed survive the operation on Corto Maltese, and was recovered by Waller's people. As we watch Peacemaker recuperating in a hospital bed, it's revealed that Waller's underlings Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee) have been assigned to be Peacemaker's handler's - as a stern punishment from Waller. Harcourt and Economos were part of the mutiny by Waller's staff when she tried to detonate Task Force X's cranial bombs when they chose to fight Starro. So now, they get to babysit the biggest "douche" on the team.

How The Suicide Squad Sets Up The Peacemaker Series

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The Suicide Squad post-credits scene sets up big stakes for this Peacemaker series. While the HBO Max series is tagged as being "The origin of the DC superhero so dedicated to world peace that he is prepared to use force of arms to achieve it," it's now clear it will be more than just a prequel.

The closing lines of dialogue from Harcourt and Economos tease that Peacemaker's next assignment to do no less than 'save the f*ckinworld.' And since actors Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee are both part of the Peacemaker series cast (for all eight episodes, no less) it's safe to assume that the series will pick up from where The Suicide Squad left off - even if it also delves back into Peacemaker's origin, along the way.

The Suicide Squad is now in theaters. It is also streaming on HBO Max.