'iZombie's Rahul Kohli Offers to Work for Christopher Nolan For Free

Rahul Kohli, the English actor whose U.S. debut in iZombie made him an immediate fan favorite, [...]

Rahul Kohli, the English actor whose U.S. debut in iZombie made him an immediate fan favorite, wants to work for filmmarker Christopher Nolan so badly that he tweeted he would do it for free.

He tweeted a photo of himself kissing a recently-released Nolan box set, and urging fans to "please snapchat Christopher Nolan and tell him I think he's cute and I'll work for free." We didn't have the director's Snapchat, but we asked Kohli what he liked so much about Nolan, figuring that we could offer a signal boost anyway.

"Christopher Nolan has for me been one of the most important directors of the 21st century," Kohli told ComicBook.com. "I've been obsessed with his work since first seeing Memento and pretty much loved everything else up to and including Dunkirk. You know with Nolan that you're going to be treated to something groundbreaking every time, a spectacle that few others can pull off."

If this sounds a bit like those stories where someone like Mark Waid or Kevin Smith would say "I would write Fantastic Four/Green Arrow for free if they'd let me," it is very much in that same ballpark. A combination of professional appreciation and devotion to the artist inform Kohli's desire to see Nolan work -- so much that he says he would be an extra if he could.

"His take on the Batman mythology revolutionised the comic book genre and will forever be some of my favourite movies of all time," continued Kohli, who has said in the past that Batman would be his dream role. "With his trademark non-traditional use of time, shooting on 70mm, his affinity for sci-fi stories, lack of CG effects and collaborations with Hans Zimmer, Nolan has easily become one of my top three favourite directors. It would be an honour to be 'third extra from the left' in any of his future projects."

In terms of new challenges, 2018's fourth season of iZombie will provide some for Kohli and the rest of his co-stars.

iZombie ended things on a pretty dramatic note during last year's season finale, when Seattle was officially established as the country's zombie haven. And according to the show's cast and crew, things will be in a sort of "new normal" when season four picks back up.

"We're going to pick up next season three months later, and the United States has walled off Seattle like it's West Berlin," showrunner Rob Thomas teased to ComicBook.com after the season finale. "Chase is hanging on by a very thin thread; it's like every day is the Cuban missile crisis. Brains are coming in, but they aren't getting as many as they expected, and zombies are hungry. In fact, the opening sequence in season four is going to follow a brain from the moment a man dies somewhere in Texas to the moment it reaches the brain tube and is ingested by a Seattle zombie. In fact, it's even going to start earlier than that. We're going to see a commercial on TV; we want to get someone like Laura Linney making a commercial pleading for the people of the United States to sign their brain donor card."

iZombie will return on Monday, February 26th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following a new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which will be sort of sharing its timeslot with Supergirl for the remainder of the season.