Jay Mewes Plays A Metahuman On Kevin Smith's The Flash Episode


As you already know, Jay Mewes will have a small role in Kevin Smith's upcoming episode of The Flash, but in fact, he actually has two roles.

The Jay and Silent Bob actor first got an offer from the writers at Flash to have a small part, which he couldn't wait to do.

"So we have a scene with him where he interacts with the villain of the show, of that episode, and it was fun, but then we had another opportunity, because the episode ends with a tag that sets up the next episode, which is one of my favorite things about that show The Flash."

That ending tag would allow Mewes to not just be in the show, but also play a metahuman villain, something that was already on his bucket list.

"when I looked at my script, which was written by Zack Stence, he wrote Thor and he wrote X-Men First Class. So the tag at the end of this episode has a bunch of people in it, a bunch of people, big wide shot, it ends with a big wide shot. So it allowed for me to put Jason into the crowd as a metahuman, in a mask. So I told him, I was like look, I know we shot your other scene, I said but we've got this scene here man, where I could put you into the scene in the background, and we'll see you but we won't see your face, you'll be wearing a mask and you've got this armor and you'll hold a weapon. And I said do you want to do that? And he was like more than I wanted to do the other thing! And I was like really? Because you had dialogue with the other thing, and he was like who f****** cares man. He was like my whole life I always wanted to be a superhero or a supervillain in the DC Universe, and I'm like narrow it down motherf*****, those are like two different sides, and he's like this is amazing."

The enthusiasm Mewes expresses for these opportunities is infectious, even just hearing about it second hand through Kevin Smith. He's a true comic fan, and I imagine we'd all be feeling the same way if this were to happen to us.

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