J.K. Simmons Talks Returning As Commissioner Gordon For 'The Batman’, 'Justice League' Sequel

The state of the DC Extended Universe is in flux these days, but is has some pieces which fans [...]

The state of the DC Extended Universe is in flux these days, but is has some pieces which fans want to keep. For some, such a piece lies with J.K. Simmons and his work as Commissioner Jim Gordon. So, it is a good thing the actor is open to reprising the role should he get a chance.

Recently, Den of Geek shared an interview they conducted with Simmons, and it was there fans learned about the actor's future hopes for the character.

"I hope to do more Gordon and, on paper, I'm committed to doing more Gordon," Simmons said when asked about his work with the DC Comics legend.

"It's just a question of which film it'll be in, whether it's The Batman or another Justice League, or another DC universe film when we will see Gordon again. But I'm optimistic that that will happen again."

Simmons might not have had plenty of screen time in Justice League, but his take on Jim Gordon worked well with fans. Sure, audiences might have taken issue with the ensemble flick, but the majority admitted Simmons' commissioner intrigued them. In the past, the actor has touched upon the possibility of him circling back to the DCEU, and Simmons said in a recent chat with Collider he is optimistic the chance will come around. However, the actor isn't aware of any immediate opportunities to revive the character.

"There are conversations going on, that I'm not going to make public," the actor said, referring to behind-the-scenes talks about Gordon's possible return in the DCEU.

"As far as I know, there's no opportunity, in the immediate future, for me to do more Commissioner Gordon, but I continue to be optimistic that it will happen again."

While Simmons seems to be attached to his Gotham City Police Department gig, there is no clear timetable for when his may return to Gordon. Recently, the actor signed on to star in the Veronica Mars revival, but there has been zero word on his involvement with projects like The Batman thus far. Fans are going to have to cross their fingers for the time being and hope the actor gets to explore more of Gordon's history on the big screen.

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