Josh Gad Clarifies What Happened with the Batman Movie's Penguin Rumors

The Internet moves fast, and it is easy for people to forget things which one had their attention in a vice grip. For superhero fans, it seems so much news comes at them that a week without a follow-up may spell disaster for a project. Of course, this means fans of Batman were concerned when Josh Gad quit posting about the Penguin, but the actor has given his final word on the matter.

No, he is not going to play the Penguin. And no, he was never asked to in the first place. Those rumors were little else but trolling, and Gad said he quit pushing buttons on fans once he saw how far his trolling spread.

Recently, MTV News spoke with Gad, and it was there the actor got asked about the rumors of him playing the Penguin in Matt Reeves' Batman film. It was there the actor confirmed all his posts were trolling fans, and he quit when he saw how seriously he was being taken.

"I felt like I was just taking it to a point that it just went too far. I've had so much fun with it, but it was just something where I was like, 'I should really put this to bed,'" the actor said. "Everyday, I started getting asked questions about it. And I'm like, 'As far as I know, I am not the Penguin. I need to put this all to bed then.'"

When asked further about the ordeal, Gad confirmed all he did was in jest and that he hadn't ever talked with Warner Bros. Pictures about the role. You know, or if it ever existed.

"Honest to God, I've just been having fun. I just wanted to get into the trolling of it all. It was fun."

Earlier this year, Gad told fans as much on Twitter when he debunked the rumor officially. After one too many fans asked the actor if he was playing the Penguin, he penned a kind letter letting down supports gently.

"Ok, seeing as I keep getting this much as I have LOVED torturing you all with teasing you about the Penguin, I feel like it's time to tell you...I'm NOT actually playing this character. But I've thoroughly enjoyed the fan art and the love," the actor shared.


As for what's next, Gad has the release of Frozen 2 to look forward to, and The Batman will carry on whether he is part of the cast or not. Earlier this year, the comic book blockbuster confirmed Robert Pattinson has been cast to play Gotham's Knight, so fans are eager to get a first look at the actor in his suit.

So, would you like to see Gad tackle this iconic DC Comics character one day? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!