Armie Hammer Talks Brutal Superman and Wonder Woman Fight in 'Justice League Mortal'

With Justice League currently in theaters and not quite living up to expectations, many fans are thinking back to what might have been with the abandoned Justice League Mortal directed by Mad Max: Fury Road filmmaker George Miller. Now, the film's Batman, Armie Hammer, is opening about some of the details of the almost-film.

Hammer recently sat down with Josh Horowitz on his Happy Sad Confused podcast and revealed that his favorite scene, after Wonder Woman's (Megan Gale) very bloody introduction beheading a minotaur, his favorite scene was the brutal fight between Wonder Woman and Superman (DJ Cotrona) because it would have shown the reality of what a fight between two superheroes would look like.

"Superman and Wonder Woman have or had the most brutal fight with each other that you have ever seen," Hammer said. "And I mean it would be like when two superheroes actually fight. Like, They destroy multiple cities like by accident 'cause they're just like, they don't even see anything else other than like trying to destroy the other person in front of them and it was incredible. At one point they destroy an aircraft carrier by accident and then also the death count was going to be extremely high."

The idea of a realistic superhero fight is one that is no doubt exciting for fans, especially one that pits two of the strongest characters in the DC Universe against one another hinting that audiences almost had a very different superhero movie. Justice League Mortal was first announced in 2007 but, due to the writer's strike, production was delayed until 2009. Jay Baruchel, who was slated to play villain Maxwell Lord, previously told Happy Sad Confused that Justice League Mortal came within days of shooting before they pulled the plug. Pulling that plug also meant the end of another plot point that Hammer said was among his favorites from the film involving Baruchel's Lord putting nanobots into addictive fast food to create his own army.

"Then at one point like he pushes a button that's like activate and these nanobots literally like kill almost every person that has eaten his food and turn them into these like cyborgs," Hammer said. "Then all of a sudden you have to fight these nanobot humans who are now programmed to be like 'kill all these guys.'"


Who would have won between Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as just how high that death count would have been with the nanobot humans, is something fans may never know. The cancelled Justice League Mortal was never picked back up and now, with the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon hybrid Justice League underwhelming both fans and the box office, we're left to wonder what might have been.

Justice League is in theaters now.