'Justice League' Officially Lowest Grossing DCEU Movie at Box Office

Despite Warner Bros. attempts to replicate the success of Marvel Studios, their first big [...]

Despite Warner Bros. attempts to replicate the success of Marvel Studios, their first big superhero teamup movie completely missed the mark.

There have been tons of criticisms levied at Justice League, but the movie was also a financial flop as it just finished its theatrical run as the lowest grossing film in DC Films' shared universe.

According to a new report from Collider, Justice League's worldwide box office gross comes in lower than Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Man of Steel.

Here's how the movie's stack up, as measured by BoxOfficeMojo:

It's interesting that Justice League finished behind Man of Steel, considering one was a reboot of the Superman character while the other was the first cinematic meeting of DC Comics' heaviest hitters. It just goes to show that the circumstances behind the film did not work out in the box office.

Even domestically, Justice League underperformed compared to every other film in DC Comics' cinematic universe. Here are the stateside figures for each film:

  • Wonder Woman - $412.5 million
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - $330.6 million
  • Suicide Squad - $325.1 million
  • Man of Steel - $291 million
  • Justice League - $229 million

Of course, the woes of Justice League's production are well documented at this point.

After the mixed reaction to Batman v Superman, it seems that Warner Bros. studios got more involved with the production of the movie. But director Zack Snyder has always had a specific vision with his superhero movies, and despite the similar critical responses to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, those films both performed well at the box office.

Man of Steel didn't do well enough to warrant a proper sequel, and Batman was added to the mix, but in hindsight it was still better than Justice League.

But Snyder left the production of Justice League after suffering a family tragedy, though recent rumors have suggested he was fired from the movie before it was even completed. Joss Whedon came on board to handle the reshoots, as he had already helped flesh out the movies' script. But what resulted was a hodgepodge that fans and critics alike didn't connect with.

Fans are wondering about the fabled Snyder Cut, but without a look at the home video figures it's hard to tell if there's even such a demand for that version of the movie. Sure, fans on the internet are fervent in their requests, but as far as those who pay for it? Well, these movies aren't selling tickets or DVDs because Snyder's name is attached…At this point, even a sequel seems unlikely.

Justice League is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.