'Justice League' Star Ezra Miller Didn't Like the Flash Costume at First

Last year's Justice League offered a fresh take on DC's heaviest hitters, including a unique look for the scarlet speedster known as the Flash.

Actor Ezra Miller recently spoke about the costume he wore as Barry Allen's crime-fighting alter ego, revealing that it went through many changes from the production crew before they landed on the finished version for the movie.

While speaking alongside co-star and Cyborg actor Ray Fisher at Wizard World Portland over the weekend, Miller said the costume was initially uncomfortable.

"What I say is that there's a scale, and comfort/discomfort is one one thing of the scale, and on the other hand is awesomeness. And the balance it takes towards awesomeness, you quickly stop thinking comfort/discomfort," Miller said. "And it was actually, I'll tell you, very form-fitting, incredibly mobile. They did a lot of work."

Miller said he had to give some input before they made some adjustments to make the movements less difficult. And, let's be real, if any costume should provide a wide range of movement, it's the Flash's suit.

"I'll tell you the truth, when I first tried it on, it was terrible...'What if there's a Parademon like up above my head? I can't actually move my arm past this point.' They did a lot of work to make it more mobile and flexible. It's an amazing thing, they build a real tactical suit from scratch," Miller said.

The actor will supposedly reprise the role of Barry Allen in an upcoming cinematic version of Flashpoint, though filming details have yet to be confirmed. The production recently scored directors with Jonathan Goldstein and Jon Francis Daley joining the film.

Recent rumors suggest the movie might not be called "Flashpoint" anymore, but the prevailing notion is that they would still be adapting the DC Comics event that lead to a reboot of the publishing line's continuity.

It's probably safe to say that Ezra Miller will be back in that costume he used to hate.

Justice League is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.


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[h/t Cinema Blend]