Justice League: New Report About Lex Luthor's Status

Given the amount of super-villainy typically on display in most incarnations of Lex Luthor, many [...]

Given the amount of super-villainy typically on display in most incarnations of Lex Luthor, many fans have been wondering whether or not Luthor will appear in the upcoming Justice League, resulting in conflicting reports. In a magazine Meet the Justice League by Hollywood Spotlight, an article claims that Luthor was at least intended to be in the film, with the possibility of his scenes being cut remaining to be determined.

Images from the magazine on Reddit read: "While Luthor was imprisoned at the end of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice], he's back in Justice League, and will assuredly work alongside the movie's primary villain, Steppenwolf."

Heading into the film's release, many fans were under the impression that Eisenberg would appear in the film, at least briefly, as he was listed as an official member of the cast on the Warner Bros.' website for the film. Given that there have been no sightings of him in promotional materials, the capacity in which his character would appear was anyone's guess.

Back in September, the film was reportedly screened early for a select few, with some of the viewers reporting that Luthor had been cut from the film completely. However, this screening was also one of the film's earliest cuts, so in the past month, it's possible that Eisenberg could have been incorporated into the film once again.

Another possibility is that, much like Christopher Lee's portrayal of Saruman in Return of the King, scenes were filmed with the actor, but very specific shots had been removed from the performance to omit the actor.

The last few months have been quite tumultuous for Justice League fans, with director Zack Snyder departing the project before its completion due to family tragedy. Joss Whedon then stepped in to help bring the film to completion, but given how drastically different the filmmakers' styles are, fans are somewhat nervous that the final product won't be one cohesive product, and rather an assembly of a variety of scenes.

We'll find out for sure if Eisenberg's Luthor makes an appearance in the completed film when Justice League debuts on November 17.

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