Justice League Director Zack Snyder Thanks Fans For Snyder Cut Billboard In New York Times Square

Zack Snyder fans at New York Comic Con banded together to crowdfund a billboard in New York City's Times Square. The billboard features quotes about the Snyder Cut of 2017's Justice League movie. The goal is to raise awareness of the cut and let Warner Bros. know about the dedicated fanbase hoping to see Snyder's version of the film released. Snyder took to social media platform Vero to post a photo of the billboard and express his gratitude towards the dedicated fans who made it happen. He writes, "This is truly amazing and I am speechless and humbled by the support And love ❤️ "

The Release the Snyder Cut community announced plans for New York Comic Con in July, not long after their efforts at San Diego Comic-Con. "Following the huge success of #ProjectComicCon that helped raise almost $15k for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in the name of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut community, we want to continue increasing the hype and spreading the truth about the Snyder cut of Justice League, whilst spreading awareness for mental health! We will do this by targeting the New York Comic-Con 2019," the group's GoFundMe page reads. "In San Diego, you helped raise in excess of $26k and a lot was achieved, including the funding of a banner flight; a billboard; a bus wrap; an ad in The Hollywood Reporter; and a Ground Team at the convention. We realise that you have given so much, and have decided that in New York we can still achieve great buzz, whilst having a simpler and more streamlined campaign. There will not be multiple levels. We have one clear and financially modest plan."

Zack Snyder directed Justice League and has continued to look back on the project, releasing storyboard artwork and even trolling Warner Bros. During New York Comic Con, Snyder revealed that Martian Manhunter would have appeared in his version of the film.

Fans have rallied in support of Snyder with the "Release the Snyder Cut" campaign, which hopes to see Snyder's version of the movie finished and released in a similar fashion to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition. Snyder previously offered his thanks for the extreme measures some of those fans have gone to in their efforts.

Following Ben Affleck's exit as Batman, Snyder posted a farewell to social media that read, "The was a time above…" Snyder writes, "a time before...there were perfect things...diamond absolutes. But things fail...things on earth. And what falls...is fallen. IN the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie...Best Batman ever. Thank you my friend for blessing me with that f***ing glorious chin and an amazing hart."

Affleck's exit is one more piece of Snyder's vision for the DC Extended Universe gone. Henry Cavill already exited the role of Superman, though there has been some indication that he and Warner Bros. could strike a new deal in the future for his return.

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