Justice League Replaced in UK On Demand Service by Holiday Romcom The Family Stone

Some viewers in the UK got The Family Stone when they were looking for Justice League’s Snyder [...]

Some viewers in the UK got The Family Stone when they were looking for Justice League's Snyder Cut. Basically, people were looking for the DC Comics film on Sky Cinema, and instead, they were treated to a romantic comedy from 2005. It's a bizarre situation, which becomes even more interesting when you factor in how HBO Max accidentally posted Zack Snyder's Justice League early. However, there is a way to retrieve the film on-demand with Sky Cinema, so no harm is done. But, it's amazing to see something like this happen while the movie is the most talked about thing on social media. That being said, Sky Premiere does have the Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle from the mid-aughts. (It's a very fine Holiday watch if you're into some lighthearted laughs. We could understand why people would be more than a little bit miffed though.)

One of the biggest things that fans have flocked towards is how much different everything concludes. Keep in mind that Justice League was just the first part of this massive franchise plan for Zack Snyder. He told the New York Times about the decision to switch the ending up.

"I added it because this was going to be the last movie I make for the DCU and to have this entire cinematic universe without Batman and Joker meeting up just felt weird," the filmmaker explained. "Jared [Leto] and I had a bunch of conversations about it. I had mentioned it to Ben and I was like, Ben, let's just do it at my house. I could shoot it in the backyard. Don't tell the studio and I'm not going to pay you guys. I'm just going to shoot it myself."

Comicbook.com reviewed the Snyder Cut and thoroughly enjoyed the film on the merits of being a unified vision when compared to the film that came before it.

"From the second it was first confirmed to be a reality, it was clear that Zack Snyder's Justice League was going to be unlike anything else in the comic book movie realm. By the time the credits roll on its four-hour run, that sentiment definitely holds true in ways that audiences couldn't have even imagined," Jenna Anderson wrote. "The film is an unabashed and cathartic labor of love -- one towards Snyder's daughter Autumn, one towards all of the fans who campaigned for it to see the light of day, one towards the kinds of compelling storytelling that the Justice League was initially founded on, and one towards the beautiful weirdness of the DC universe. At its core, it is also a well-executed, entertaining story about the power of human connection and inspiration, one that feels both timeless and timely despite being (mostly) conceptualized and filmed nearly half a decade ago."

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