DC Fans Have Raised Over $10k to Promote Releasing the Justice League Snyder Cut at Comic-Con

The “Release the Snyder Cut” faction is preparing its next campaign in the long war against [...]

The "Release the Snyder Cut" faction is preparing its next campaign in the long war against Warner Bros. The next battle will be waged at San Diego Comic-Con and a group has taken to Go Fund Me to put some funds in the war chest. The Project Comic-Con SDCC19 - ReleaseTheSnyderCut Go Fund Me fundraiser has already raised $11,000 towards efforts to be enacted at the annual media and fan event. Here's the description of the fundraiser from the site:

"The time has now come to make an ultimate statement to Warner Brothers and AT&T, of our firm and unyielding desire for the release of the full and complete Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Over the course of the past year and a half, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has undertaken a variety of campaigns, so as to garner the attention of those in a sufficient position of power and influence to satisfy our demand. The various members of our movement—from all walks of life, all races and creeds, all religious and political persuasions—have partaken in such efforts as hashtag trends, reply-bombing, phone calls, and letters. And little by little, we have gained the satisfaction of knowing that, at the very least, they are aware of our cause. They know of our existence.

The question, to them, is whether or not our desire will fade away in time.

Well, the time has come to make a big, bold declaration to Warner Brothers, and all who can see and hear, that we are not going away—we are becoming more powerful than they can possibly imagine. We are not fading. We are growing. And as such, we need to prove it to them, by a big campaign that is impossible to ignore, shrug off, or otherwise dismiss.

Some months ago, a man with a plan pitched a crowdfund campaign for an airborne banner with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag, to be flown over WB Studios. As many of you may recall, it was a major success in boosting morale for our movement—particularly as Zack Snyder himself took notice of it.

We need to do it again—and more. We need a massive advertising assault that will inform both Warner Brothers and anyone present of the power and presence of our cause. And we need to do it at San Diego Comic-Con."

The project initially planned to have people carry #ReleaseTheSnyderCut signs inside the convention center, to hand out "educational fliers" about the Snyder Cut and its cause, and to pass out "swag" to convention attendees. Now, with $11,000 in funding, those plans include an airborne banner and a billboard.

A fan brought the "Release the Snyder Cut" chant to a recent screening of Snyder's films. At the same screening event. Snyder reportedly confirmed the cut exists. Snyder also explained how the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice existed before the theatrical cut.

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