'Krypton' Gets A New Logo

(Photo: Syfy)

Along with a new look at several characters and the official announcement of the show's release date, Syfy today dropped a new logo for Krypton, their upcoming hour-long drama centered on the families of Superman, General Zod, and other Kryptonian notables.

The logo features stylized letters done in a way that is a little less alien or traditionally Kryptonian than some of the previous logos seen for the series -- but one thing that has been a consistent theme during the last month or so is the embrace of the Superman logo. The sigil of the House of El, the stylized "S" from Superman's costume has been present in recent marketing and promotion for the show, whereas in the very early stages it was mostly imagery that centered around the planet's destruction.

"It's about the struggle of the House of El and how it redeems its honor," Cuffe told ComicBook.com. "Very early on in our story though no fault of Seg's own, he goes from the very top of Kryptonian society, this great House of El, and ends up growing up at the very bottom and having to struggle to survive….The story for Seg is how that symbol starts to mean what it means, and how he grows to fill it."

The new logo first appears in a teaser built around that "S" sigil, which you can see below:

Krypton will premiere on March 21 on Syfy. The series is executive produced by David S. Goyer through his Phantom Four banner, alongside Cameron Welsh, who serves as showrunner. In addition to Cuffe, Sipos and Ritson, the show also stars Georgina Campbell, Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day, Aaron Pierre and Ian McElhinney.